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My name is Eddie Henderson and I have a ranch in Texas between Dallas and Austin. My father was a great hunter and had some very good dogs for black bear and mountain lion but they were not capable of holding a big boar except for one particular dog which was a big dog of around 120lb and brindle in colour. When I came across the photo of a brindle Bull Enduro on a website for Bull Arabs I thought it was him when young and so I had to find out more about this breed so I rang the breeder Mike HODGENS in Australia. After he explained how this dog was bred and what he expected from it I decided to get into this breed.  This breeder has proven he knows what he is doing because he bred the now well known Bull Arab breed. And when I started reading about him all over the internet I came to the conclusion this guy was a genius with dog breeding and decided to go with him with his Bull Enduro breed. The minute I saw the photos of the 2 Bull Enduros on his site I knew these dogs would be what I was after.

Having made the decision to go with this new breed I decided to follow Mike’s suggestion to put up a site like this with his help and introduction about the breed. I believe he will help out with articles and answers to questions from time to time. James Hinks bred the Bull Terrier, Louis Dobermann the Doberman and Dr Martinez the Dogo Argentino. They are not here to talk to nor did they leave an account of their breeding. Mike Hodgens is here to talk about 3 breeds he is developing and from what I have seen of his dogs they are exceptional and very likely to survive and thrive as already proven by his Bull Arab breed.

The purpose of this site is for fans of the Bull Enduro breed to be able to communicate world-wide and compare notes and experiences in hunting, breeding and raising this new breed. It is important that the information put on this site be true, accurate and helpfull. Therefore, only posts and comments from identified people will be published. That means a valid email address or phone no. needs to be supplied with your comment and a real name not a username. This is not about free speech, it is about truth and science applied to the use and breeding of these dogs in a co-operative way by people who can co-operate and not cause senseless arguments and division. Mike has warned me about all the senseless arguing and fighting over the Bull Arab breed and we are not going to allow this to happen with the Bull Enduro. I believe that Americans would not stoop to the level of senseless argument and abuse I have seen on the internet over the Bull Arab breed in Australia.


2 responses to “About this site

  1. sbarmstrong0680

    September 17, 2011 at 2:53 am

    Hows it goin Eddie? My name is Brad Armstrong and im from Fort Worth,Texas and glad i finally found this page cause ever time i’ve looked at the bull enduro i’ve got a lil closer and closer then finally found a fellow texan that feals the same as i do and have had big hopes of gettin to own a super dog for the hogs and as a trapper as well as running the blackmouths n kerrs and cataholas with a pit to catch all owned by buddies that share the same passion for the hunt.. my contact info is or cell number is 682-225-9911 if u could contact me it would be greatly appriciated thnx for your time.

    • bullenduro

      September 18, 2011 at 10:30 am

      Brad – I’m an hour out of Austin. Originally I was going to get Bull Arabs which I have been watching down in Australia. I know Israel Herbert from Barksdale on a ranch there got Bull Arabs from Mike Hodgens in Australia. I understand the bitch is a full sister to the one on Mike’s site, “Bundy”, who has a litter of Bull Arabs right now which mike says is the best he’s bred or ever seen. I am tempted to get one out of this litter. But we are all so impressed with the Bull Enduros that if the main purpose is hunting hogs then best stick to them. Some of us are interested in his Bull Stops to improve on the pitbulls and pogos normally used as catch dogs. The advantage of the Bull Stops is that they also make great cattle dogs according to a cattle rancher by the name of Andrew Giltrow who uses them to work cattle and catch “pigs”in Australia. Apparently they will do whatever he wants them to do on the day, not taking off after hogs when working cattle – pretty amazing stuff.
      My Bull Enduros are exceeding all our hopes and will beat anything we have ever tried on hogs – amazing fast trackers at there age and dead game. I can’t see any reason to use Bull Arabs for hogs with this breed around. As far as me breeding from my bitch, I will wait and work her till about 3yo to get a reasonable working life out of her as I find once you breed bitches it can slow them down hunting and the male is going to be better with her as a great team. We may not need any holding dogs to work with them as it seems they are going to do the holding too and be smart about it and not get ripped too much- they have plenty of brains and seem very willing to please. It surprised all of us how much speed and stamina such big dogs have and they are getting better every time out. You talk about a super dog – well I think this might be it as far as hunting big game and some of them i am told are guard dogs too.As far as cost is concerned allow about $3,500 per dog imported from Aussie. I have not decided on a price for my pups yet and the 1st litter will probably all be taken by me and my buddies so it could be 3 years before I will have any for sale. So it would be great if you imported a pair that could be bred with mine to get the breed going here. I think we could get $2000 to $3000 for pups if we work in together.


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