There is a new litter born 19-2-11 7 females, 5 males [4 brindles and 8 tan with black masks]. A pair of these are coming to Texas. They are from the same parents as the 2 dogs on the home page here. See for photos of these pups and the parents. The purpose of the pair coming to the US is to hunt bear and cougar as well as hogs. I have not seen any breed successfull on all these so if this breed does succeed it will make a real impression and have a good market here.


2 responses to “LITTER OF BULL ENDUROS BORN 19 MAR 2011

  1. bullenduro

    September 16, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    I have not yet bred a litter from the pair i got from Mike Hodgens in Australia. Mike has some about 6 months old he might be willing to sell. Mine are now a yr old and have proven themselves already. For such big dogs they mature very early and are ready for serious work on lions and bear at 9 months. Now they can keep up with our best Blue Ticks and Black Mouth Curs and are the first to go in hard. and yet they don’t get hurt much as they are very smart about it. In another year with experience they are going to be unbeatable if still alive. I have seen a couple of Bull Arabs the same breeder sent here but the Bull Enduro is a better and more capable tracker and probably just as game on big cats and bear and they run down and hold hogs of any size easily. I have been looking for a super dog for years and I think I have found it at last.

  2. sbarmstrong0680

    September 16, 2011 at 8:55 am

    I live in Texas n Trap hogs n my buddy has dogs we run i’ve been lookin for the superdog and do believe this breed is the one for me. my contact info is or phone # 682-225-9911 day or night thnx


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