In Texas we have various dogs which are used to hold wild hogs. Probably the best of these is the POGO, a cross between a pibull and Dogo Argentina. I have always felt a bigger dog would be an improvement and preferably based on Bulldog instead of pitbull for 2 reasons. The pitbull causes too many dog fights and the bulldog ability to attack head-on is better suited to dealing with a russian type boar bailed up in a thicket.

Well someone has already bred just the right dog in Australia. It is a cross between a purebred American Bulldog and a Brazilian Fila which is a breed that has been used to hunt and kill jaguar and puma and is a great natural guard dog and needs no training. I could not think of a better cross. This is the third breed that Mike Hodgens in Australia is working on to produce 3 separate new breeds, eventually to be registered as 3 new purebreeds after 4 generations. The Bull Arab has been going for 40 years now and well over 20 generations. The only obstacle to it being registered and recognised as a new breed is a very small number of scam breeders and the disruption they cause. From this  experience he has devised a way to produce his 2 newer breeds without this happening again. He expects plenty of opposition and false reports being fabricated by jealous breeders who fear that his breeds will make it hard for them to sell dogs. But he is confident that the quality of his dogs and the reports from their owners will be all that the public will be interested in and that is exactly how I have made my decision.

I was wondering about this man and why he was breeding 3 different breeds. I have never heard of anyone creating more than one breed of dog in his lifetime so I started reading up about him on the web. There is a lot written about him and the more I read the clearer the picture became. He is a highly educated man with a Bachelor of Science and PhD and worked as a scientist for many years in industry. His passion has always been to breed great hunting dogs. He started the Bull Arab breed in 1970 and bred some thousands of them sending them all over Australia and some overseas I believe. Inspite of his education he is more like a pitbull and takes opponents headon and is not afraid to criticise any breeder doing harm to his Bull Arab breed. That brings him a lot of personal abuse from those he criticises and breeders who fear him and can not match his dogs. Thats the way I read the situation and I am supported by the fact that all criticism is against the man and never about the quality of the dogs he sells. You only have to read the comments from his buyers to see this.

In addition to his genius for breeding new breeds just right for certain jobs, I believe he has a parvo virus treatment that really works and saves pups. I have read about this on his site and there is a report there from people who have used it with unquestionable success. These are the reasons I developed confidence in his ability and contacted Mike to buy some dogs to hunt and carry on the breeding here. The Bull Enduro was my choice so I’ve arranged to get a couple and try them out on different types of game to find out about their versatility. I did notice he has a fast line of Bull Arab which we could have used on deer and aoudad [a sort of goat cross deer]and such. But a breed that can be used on bigger game like big cats, bear and hogs suits me better and would be more saleable.

I have invited Mike to write articles for this site which he suggested I put on the net. So maybe readers will be able to ask questions and have him answer on this site. That’s my plan anyway.


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